there’s a youtube channel where people can pretend to be newscasters and each video’s title is the name of the person(s) in it but i found a bunch of videos with just keymash titles and this one’s named “gf” and is just empty and i feel like there’s a joke here but i just can’t get it out

The Marshmallow Kisses - Everyone Else Is Ahead, Far Ahead
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The Marshmallow Kisses - Everyone Else Is Ahead, Far Ahead

there’s a mashup of takyon and ponponpon and it’s one of the only death grips-related things i actually like and there’s a line that i always thought was “back for more, eat a mango” and i was like “now these are some lyrics i can get behind” but it turns out that’s not what they’re saying so fuck death grips

the average mario kart online experience:

  • in first place
  • in first place for entire first lap
  • get hit by blue shell
  • drop to last
  • get back into first
  • get hit by 3 red shells
  • drop down
  • get hit by blue shell passing through
  • get struck by lightning
  • get hit by invincible guy
  • fall off the level
  • "you got last place! better luck next time!"

six selfies

Knuckles the Echidna - oh no
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oh no

this fucker playing shy guy just sat in last place in a narrow space on maple treeway until everyone lapped him where he used his star and just fucked everyone up i’m actually impressed

playing mario kart 7 online is so fun because everyone only wants to play snes rainbow road where getting hit by any item makes you bounce 15 times and fall off the stage and someone playing rosalina with the monster truck tires is always bumping into you no matter what place you’re in

i don’t really have a lot to actually say about pitchfork every show was good musically it’s just the audience that was bad. you know how there’s that thing where every new yorker comic can be captioned with “christ what an asshole”? the same thing applies to concertgoers

fork pictures. avey tare’s slasher flicks, cloud nothings, tune-yards, st vincent (sorry annie), neutral milk hotel, slowdive

i couldn’t get good pictures of beck or grimes. the nmh picture sucks but i wanted an even number for the photoset